Our Top Ten meals

2 years ago, on March 15, Michelle and I met for a meal for the first time.

Because I'm told that half of relationships is trying to decide where to eat, in commemoration, here's a list of the top 10 meals we've had in our two years.

10. Calexico, Detroit. Downtown a few months ago, we were debating where to eat, when the rain forced us to make a quick decision, so we ran into this restaurant unknown to us. It was awesome...I recommend the special sauce.

9. Rediger BBQ, Rowlett, TX. Visiting her relatives shortly after our engagement, I found out they have a full-sized smoker! The BBQ was awesome...what you'd expect from Texas.

8. The Signature Room on the 95th floor, Chicago. It's cool to eat high atop the city simply for the view, so we dressed spiffy for the night. Unfortunately, we ate on a super cloudy night. Luckily, the food saved the day, especially the creme brulee.

7. Pink Pony, Mackinac Island. We didn't eat much, since we had stopped every two hours for fudge that weekend. But being on the water, on the island, during the summer, with decent food...that's alright.

6. Hong Hua, Farmington. The first time I got to meet her family as a whole was at her mom's birthday dinner. I got to sit next to Elli, her niece, and Elli & I recreated a pic from Lady and the Tramp. From that meal on, I was sold on/comfortable with her family. Also...great dumplings.

5. Central Kitchen, Detroit. Our first big weekend getaway once we started dating, we explored Detroit for two days, with Central easily being my favorite spot...great Carne Asada. Plus, that was the weekend I realized that I loved her.

4. Luxe, Birmingham. We double dated here with friends early on, and the meal was amazing. The spicy tenderloin makes my mouth water whenever I think of it.

3. Morningstar Cafe, Grand Haven. On weekend getaway last summer, we stumbled upon the best brunch joint I've ever had. The cinnamon roll was killer.

2. The Root, White Lake. The scene of our first date. We've been plenty times since, because the menu is great. With all glass behind her on a sunny day, it's funny that I could barely see her face on our first date. I'm lucky that was just a first date thing.

1. The Union Woodshop, Clarkston. This one is obvious. Though the food was great, neither of us ate a ton that night, mostly because we had so much adrenaline after I'd brought a ring that night, and she'd said yes. But this is the number one meal on my list, because it's the meal where I found out that she and we would eat meals together for the rest of our lives.